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By Louise A Bye; Neil C Modi; Miles Stanford

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3. 4. anterior surface of the upper lid tarsal plate posteriorly muscular fibres of orbicularis oculi anteriorly upper lid skin to form the skin crease superior conjunctival fornix. The nerve supply to the levator palpebrae superioris is by the superior branch of the oculomotor nerve. The medial and lateral extents of the levator are in the form of two ‘horns’ into the region of the canthal tendons. The lacrimal gland is closely associated with the posterior edge of the lateral horn. Müller’s muscle is a smooth muscle with sympathetic innervations that arises from the underside of the levator muscle.

It transmits the maxillary nerve, which on passing through the IOF is renamed the infraorbital nerve. It also transmits the zygomatic nerve, branches of the pterygopalatine ganglion, and the inferior ophthalmic vein, which drains to the pterygoid plexus. Two ethmoidal foramen lie in the frontal bone and the frontoethmoidal suture. They are situated where the roof joins the medial wall. The anterior ethmoidal foramen joins from the orbit to the ACF. The posterior ethmoidal foramen traverses the ethmoid bone and joins the orbit to the ethmoidal sinuses.

4. 5. 6. 7. maxillary ethmoidal sphenoid lacrimal palatine. Anteriorly, the orbital rim (or margin) is quadrilateral in shape. The supraorbital margin is composed of the frontal bone. The supraorbital notch (or foramen) is located at Orbit and adnexa Optic tracts 25 Chapter 1 Anatomy Left eye Central vision Right eye Optic nerve (1) Optic chiasm (3) Lateral chiasm (2) Postchiasm(4) Meyer’s loop 1. Optic nerve 2. Lateral chiasm 3. Optic chiasm 4. Post chiasm Superior Lateral 5. radiation geniculate nucleus Inferior 6.

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