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Transverse Flow Effect. 15. AUTOROTATION If engine power fails, or certain other emergencies occur, autorotation is a means of safely landing a helicopter. The transmission in a helicopter is designed to allow the main rotor to turn freely in its original direction when the engine stops. 12 illustrates how the helicopter is allowed to glide to earth and by using the main rotor rpm, make a soft landing. 13, blade element A. 12. Approach to Landing, Power Off. 13. Autorotation Blade Forces. 31 attack, the result is a slight but important forward inclination of aerodynamic force.

D. 12. An airfoil's angle of attack is measured between the. A. B. C. D. 13. Aircraft fuselage and the empennage group. Wing root and the wing tip. Airfoil chord and the relative wind. Angle of airfoil and the airstream. The average temperature lapse rate is: A. B. C. D. 14. This region operates at a negative angle of attack and has no effect. This region operates at a comparatively high angle of attack. This region operates at a complete stall angle of attack. This region operates at a comparatively low angle of attack.

D. 18. 9,800. 7,200. 8,600. 6,500. Induced and parasite are two types of drag forces. On a conventional aircraft, the propeller or jet engine is used to overcome gravity. The four forces must be unequal to maintain straight and level flight. Only the weight of the aircraft and its fuel must be against gravity. When the helicopter is moving forward at a speed of 150 knots, and the velocity of the rotor blade tip is 363 knots, the advancing and retreating blade speeds are: A. B. C. D. 513 and 213 knots.

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