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By Lori Marcus

ISBN-10: 0964201976

ISBN-13: 9780964201972

This publication is various. Its no longer jam-packed with a one thousand drink recipes. This booklet fulfills the buyer carrier and day-by-day bar operations part to objects. I referenced it a couple of times, yet haven't begun to learn all of it the way in which throuhg.

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Crown Royal is one popular brand. S. It is distilled from a grain mash containing at least 51% corn but not more than 79%. Bourbon is a straight whiskey, which means that it contains no additives, apart from the water used to reduce the proof, and has not been blended. Bourbon must be distilled at 160 proof or less and aged for a minimum of two years in new, charred-oak barrels. Some call brands are Jim Beam, Early Times, Old Grand-Dad, and Old Crow. Small Batch Bourbon is a blended from a limited number of selected oak charred barrels chosen by the distiller.

The keg is now ready to go. There is some natural carbonation to beer. If you roll, drop, or shake a keg, the beer will not pour properly until the foam settles. 50 • Bartending Inside-Out WHAT IS CO2 ? Carbon Dioxide (CO2) provides the push, causing beer to flow out of a keg. It is also a natural by-product of beer, making it very economical to use. At room temperature CO2 is a gas; but under high pressure and low temperatures, it converts to a liquid. When the pressurized tank is filled, about ½ is filled with liquid, while the upper ½ of the tank is filled with gas.

RUBY PORT: A bright, fruity, ruby-colored young port, aged in wood for a relatively short amount of time. Reserve or Special Reserve ruby ports are aged longer. TAWNY PORT: Aged in wood casks, opposed to the bottle-aging of vintage port. Tawny port is repeatedly “fined,” a process that removes any crust or deposits in the wine. This process, along with oxidation during wood aging, causes the port to take on a tawny color. The longer it is aged, the paler the color and the drier the Tawny. The better tawnies will bear an age on their labels which represents the average age of wines blended to make the port.

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