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By Mark Bernthal

Child Bop has accumulated all of her musical tools and is prepared for playtime through herself. As Barney is familiar with, it may be much more enjoyable if you happen to proportion.

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It is particularly useful after outdoor playground time or even before, when children are ordinarily experiencing the control or loss of balance. Great also as a relaxation or focusing exercise, can be done impromptu right next to their seats. DESCRIPTION: 0 For groups or individuals: Have all children stand straight and tall, hands at their sides, feet together, insides of the legs touching. Now close the eyes and count, all together, 1-2-34 . . all the way to ten. If anyone feels dizzy, they should open their eyes.

Aware of and capable of complying with many social rules and expectations Opportunities to understand when it would be important to exercise rules and when it could be important to break them Provide initial storylines in playacting activities that do not have simple answers, such as: The man on the street says he's hungry; should I give him my bus fare? or My sister's puppy is very sick; should the veterinarian put him to sleep? Can represent internal experiences, and have codified fantasies.

Can they run, or hop, or jump and sit keeping their hands on their knees? What activities are more difficult? Why? Now have them place their elbows on their knees and repeat the same instructions that you gave them when they had their hands on their knees. Is this position more or less difficult than the previous one? Why? Continue in this way giving the children various combinations of body parts to explore: hand on head; elbow on hip; toe on ankle; knee on shoulder; etc. Once the children become comfortable exploring your instructions, have them volunteer some combinations of their own.

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