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On-order mission for platoon/squad ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 11. Position and mission of units on flanks ______________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 12. Position and mission of units in the rear ________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 5 5-4 5 COORDINATION CHECKLIST STEP ITEM 1 Location of leaders 5 2 Location of primary, alternate, & supplementary positions 3 Sectors of fire of machine guns, anti-armor weapons & subunits 4 Route to alternate & supplementary positions 5 Location of dead space between platoons & squads & how to cover it 6 Location of OPs & withdrawal routes back to the platoon or squad position 7 Location & types of obstacles & how to cover them 5-5 5 COORDINATION CHECKLIST STEP 5 ITEM 8 Patrols - size, type, times of departure & return & routes 9 Fire support planned 10 Location, activities & passage plan for scouts & other units forward of platoon position 11 Signals for fire/cease fire & any emergency signals 12 Engagement & disengagement criteria 13 Location of coordination points 5-6 5 ESTABLISH OBSERVATION POST ITEM ACTION 1 Select site - cover & concealment Overlapping sectors 2 Designate OP security & secure reporting procedures Establish withdrawal plan with procedures & routes Prepare to call for/adjust 3 indirect fire; use binos/ NODs; navigation tools & commo equipment 5 4 Conduct surveillance - name observer, recorder & security Search, identify & report personnel, vehicles, etc.

Catch up speed (mph/kph) __________ 8. Time and location of scheduled halts _____________________________________ _____________________________________ 9. Time unit leaves present position ____ _____________________________________ 10. Order of march ___________________ ____________________________________ 3 3-3 3 ACTIONS DURING MARCH ITEM 3 ACTION 1 Arrive at SP on time at march speed with proper march interval 2 Maintain ground and air security 3 Observe vehicle sectors of responsibility 4 Report SP, critical points, RP (unless under radio listening silence) 5 If under radio listening silence use hand and arm signals, flag signals, or flashlight signals 3-4 3 ACTIONS AT HALTS ITEM 3 ACTION 1 Pull to side of route - maintain order 2 Establish/maintain security 3 Move disabled vehicles off road - post guides to direct traffic 4 Maintain observation/contact with other vehicles 5 Report status 6 Take appropriate actions/repair vehicles if possible 3-5 3 ACTIONS AT ASSEMBLY AREA ITEM ACTION 1 Follow guides into preselected secure positions 2 Clear RP without halting 3 Emplace/maintain security/OPs 4 Conduct fire planning 5 Establish wire commo net/ coordinate with other units 6 Check/adjust positions; camouflage positions Start maintenance/resupply/ rearming 7 8 3 Prepare/rehearse reaction plan 3-6 3 PREPARATION FOR ATTACK TASK ACTION 1 Issue warning order 4 2 Move to assembly area 3 4 Perform commo check Check weapons 5 Check key equipment 6 Rehearse critical tasks 7 Recon rtes to LD/OBJ 8 Issue OPORD 9 Resupply, rearm, refuel 10 Coordinate w/higher, supporting, adjacent units 11 Rehearse 12 Conduct PMCS as required 13 Check/integrate attachments 4-1 4 PREPARATION FOR ATTACK TASK ACTION 14 Check NBC situation/confirm MOPP status 15 Inspect troops 16 Inspect vehicles 17 Feed troops 18 Rest troops 19 Move to LD Notes: Several steps may occur concurrently.


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