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By Charles H Patterson, Robert J Milch

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The unique CliffsNotes examine publications supply professional observation on significant issues, plots, characters, literary units, and old background.People haven't replaced considerably within the decades in view that Aristotle first lectured on ethics on the Lyceum in Athens. The human varieties and difficulties lined in CliffsNotes on Aristotle’s Ethics are known to every body. the principles of behavior and motives of advantage and goodness that he proposes can assist humans of all eras greater comprehend their function in society.This learn consultant helps you to make your approach via Aristotle’s well-known essays with self belief. You’ll locate transparent summaries and motives of every significant subject. different beneficial properties that assist you examine includeIntroduction to the lifetime of AristotleOverview of the details of Aristotle’s moral philosophySummaries and demanding commentaries of the total Nichomachean EthicsReview questionsClassic literature or glossy modern day treasure — you are going to know it all with specialist details and perception from CliffsNotes examine publications.

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2. On the Parts of Animals, 4 books on physiology. 3. On the Motion of Animals. 4. On the Progression of Animals, 1 book on the mechanical aspects of physiology. 5. On the Generation of Animals, 5 books on embryology and reproduction. IV. Works on Psychology. 1. On the Soul, 3 books on the nature, functions, and elements of the soul, considered to be the foundation of all modern psychological studies. 2. A collection of 9 treatises on specific areas of psychological investigation, collectively known as the Parva Naturalia, and including such works as: On Sense Perception, On Memory and Recollection, On Sleep, On Dreams.

On Interpretation, a treatise on philosophical terminology in general, with emphasis on the theory and analysis of propositions used to show relations between concepts. 3. Prior Analytics, 2 books on the laws of syllogistic reasoning and the proper use of the syllogism. 4. Posterior Analytics, 2 books on methods of demonstration and definition. Page 9 5. The Topics, 8 books on dialectical inferences, probability, and the use of the syllogism. 6. On Sophistical Refutations, a treatise on the solution of Sophist fallacies and the refutation of false syllogisms.

The highest good and the end toward which all human activity is directed is happiness, which can be defined as continuous contemplation of eternal and universal truth. 2. One attains happiness by a virtuous life and the development of reason and the faculty of theoretical wisdom. For this one requires sufficient external goods to ensure health, leisure, and the opportunity for virtuous action. 3. Moral virtue is a relative mean between extremes of excess and deficiency, and in general the moral life is one of moderation in all things except virtue.

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