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Aristotle and normal legislations lays out a brand new theoretical strategy which distinguishes among the notions of ''interpretation, '' ''appropriation, '' ''negotiation'' and ''reconstruction'' of the which means of texts and their part thoughts. those different types are then deployed in an exam of the function which the idea that of usual legislation is utilized by Aristotle in a couple of key texts. The ebook argues that Aristotle  Read more...

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Many commentators also think (rightly or wrongly) that the Greek phrase in question was voµos (ll1JOEOs (11umosphyst'us). I shall say more about this issue in the Conclusion. But what about thc carlicr pcriocl, the classical pcriod whcn Arislolk was writing? The issue here is not that of flnding an equivalent Greek expression which could he translated into Latin as lex naturalü. For we have seen that the memhers of a linguistir community can possess a concept even if they do not (yet) also possess a panicular short hand Iahe!

In Salmond 's opinion, however, this d istinction is 'of no theoretical irnportance' (Salmond, 1895: 127). Against this, however, 1 shall argue that this distinction is extremely significant for thosc who wish to adcquatcly undcrstand Aristotlc's thought. In particular, it is impossible for us to comprehend Aristotle 's view of the relationship which exists between natural law and positive law unless we have properly grasped the significance of this fundamentally imponant conceptual distinction - which lies at the very heart of Aristotle's doctrine of natural law, and hence also of bis political thought as a whole.

Herm Fthü:s (Strauss, 1971: 156). In the second place, it is ambiguous and therefore ohscure. Pierre Destree has claimed that this passage is, 'in the opinion of all contemporary commentators, one of the most obscure' in the history of philosophy (Destree, 2000: 221). And Crowe has rightly pointed out, not only that it leaves 'more 42 Aristotle aud Natural Law than one tantalizing question unanswered ', but also that 'where there is ambiguity commentators sometimes find what they wish to find' (Crowe, 1977: 25).

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