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By Fatih Yildiz; Theodore Peter Labuza; Mohamed Besri

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Starch polysaccharides represent a source of energy in human beings while nonstarch polysaccharides generally are nondigestible and are important in maintaining intestinal health. 2 STRUCTURE Polysaccharides are a very diverse set of compounds. They can consist of one type of sugar (homoglycans) or several types of sugars (heteroglycans). They can be branched or nonbranched and can vary in type of linkage. The three dimensional structure or conformation of polysaccharide chains is determined by the monosaccharide units and position and type of glycosidic linkages.

Dried branched polysaccharides rehydrate more quickly than do dried nonbranched polysaccharides. 4 VISCOSITY Most polysaccharides increase solution viscosity. Solution properties of a polysaccharide depend on its structure, molecular weight, and concentration. Linear molecules in solution sweep out a large space, which increases their probability of colliding with other molecules and forming a viscous solution. In contrast, highly branched molecules of the same molecular weight sweep less space and form less viscous solutions.

Lewis, M. , Physical Properties of Foods and Food Processing Systems, Woodhead Publishing, New York, 1990. 33. Sablani, S. , and Rahman, M. , Evaluating water activity and glass transition concepts for food stability, Journal of Food Engineering, 78: 266–271, 2007. 34. Bhandari, B. R. , Implication of glass transition for the drying and stability of dried foods, Journal of Food Engineering, 40(1–2): 71–79, 1999. 35. , Towards an improved understanding of glass transition and relaxations in foods: Molecular mobility in the glass transition range, Trends in Food Science & Technology, 11: 41–55, 2000.

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