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By Akinao Shimizu

ISBN-10: 0126401500

ISBN-13: 9780126401509

Booklet by means of Shimizu, A., Aoki, ok

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2 : REFLECTION AND TRANSMISSION OF MONOENERGETIC 37 PHOTONS It is interesting to compare the number of reflected photons given by Eq. 30) with that of singly scattered photons, which is readily found to be given by ώ 0/4. The number of reflected photons in the case of isotropic incidence is plotted in Fig. 2. It is seen that the fraction of singly scattered photons decreases to £ as the parameter ώ 0 approaches unity. F i g . 2 Albedo for of scattering Direct monoenergetic per and isotropically scattered radiation.

16) holds fairly well. 12) directly with the experimental one. The dashed curve in Fig. 1. 13) which contains another parameter b as well as the parameters R^ and c. 0 Slab thickness F i g . 13), Number albedo of iron as a function Eq. 12). (mfp) of slab thickness. 2 Reflection and Transmission of Monoenergetic Photons by an Isotropically Scattering M e d i u m When the photon energy is well below 1 0 0 keV, its variation due to scattering becomes so small that photons can be treated as monoenergetic.

CHAPTER THREE SIMPLIFIED SOLUTIONS OF EQUATIONS FOR MODELS Before proceeding to a practical method of solving the equations derived in Chapter 2, we shall solve them for some simplified models. Although solutions obtained for such models are usually too crude to be applicable to actual gamma-ray problems, they may be useful for understanding some qualitative aspects of the basic equations. A practical method of solving the equations, which is numerical in nature and involves extensive computa­ tion, will be given in subsequent chapters.

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