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By Michael Gagarin, Douglas M. MacDowell

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Classical oratory is a useful source for the research of old Greek lifestyles and tradition. The speeches supply proof on Greek ethical perspectives, social and fiscal stipulations, political and social ideology, and different features of Athenian tradition which were mostly missed: girls and kin lifestyles, slavery, and faith, to call only a few.

This quantity includes the works of the 2 earliest surviving orators, Antiphon and Andocides. Antiphon (ca. 480-411) used to be a number one Athenian highbrow and author of the occupation of logography ("speech writing"), whose designated curiosity was once legislations and justice. His six surviving works all main issue murder situations. Andocides (ca. 440-390) used to be excited about spiritual scandals—the mutilation of the Herms (busts of Hermes) and the revelation of the Eleusinian Mysteries—on the eve of the fateful Athenian day trip to Sicily in 415. His speeches are a protection opposed to fees in terms of these events.

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If the killer goes free, moreover, the whole city will suffer: its 1 On the question of the authenticity of the Tetralogies, see the Introduction to Antiphon above. ΙΟ ANTIPHON sanctuaries will be defiled and its crops ruined. Pollution is much less prominent, however, in Antiphons other speeches (cf. 81-83) and does not seem to have been an important factor in actual Athenian homicide law. 2 2 See further Kennedy 1963: 306-314. 2. FIRST TETRALOGY A man and his servant have been killed in the street late at night.

So since I am the one who wanted to conduct the interrogation myself, at first, and then asked them to conduct it instead, it is only reasonable that these same considerations should be evidence for my side that they are guilty. [12] If they were willing to hand over slaves for interrogation and I had refused them, this would be evidence for their side. In the same way, then, consider it evidence for my side that they refused to hand over their slaves when I wanted to put the matter to the test.

If victims lack 11 The prosecution may have a problem because the law on homicide (see Dem. 22) treats poisoning as murder "if one gives the poison oneself," implying perhaps that someone who only supplied the poison is not guilty of homicide. By asserting that his father died a "violent death" (though nothing indicates that it actually was violent), the speaker may be trying to present this as an ordinary case of murder, and not just a poisoning. In ordinary homicide, an accomplice (the "planner") was considered just as responsible as the actual killer (see Introduction to Ant, 6).

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