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Greek Roman

By Ludwig B. Larsen


In September, 1919, the writer released "The Key to the Bible and

a ebook describing what the Bible really comprises, yet this publication
did now not clarify the explanations of the historical occasions comparable within the Bible. It additionally
contained a few unavoidable mistakes that have been corrected during this book..
The item in writing "Ancient Prehistoric knowledge" is to provide an explanation for of what
the legislation of the heaven is composed, in addition to to provide the cause of the factors
and results of the occasions recorded within the Bible because the legislation of creation..

The writings referred to as sacred books include descriptions of the astro-
nomical legislations of the heaven and the typical legislation of this earth. those writings
have in prior a long time been thought of sacred, and are referred to as holy by way of the races
who have preserved them. The contents of those books originated in prehis-
toric time, centuries sooner than grammatical written language was once invented. In
transcribing and translating those writings from the primitive documents, a
personal interpretation of the legislation used to be hired. The language used and
the approach to describing the legislation is recorded in a unusual demeanour and is

The old writers recorded the formation of races, time, area, and the
astronomical legislation because the phrases of a God spoken to guy, that have led stu-
dents of those writings to deduce that there existed a private God who spoke
the phrases written in those books. it's the legislations and the misinterpretation of
the writings that are defined during this ebook, and that's what in B.C. time,
was referred to as historical knowledge.

Portland, Oregon, 1921-1927. LUDWIG B. LARSEN.

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40 This I have argued more exhaustively elsewhere (To Think Like God; also in “Parmenides’ Methodology: The Unity of Formula” and “Negative Proof and Circular Reasoning”). 17), he unwittingly objectifies Not-Being by speaking about it. (See Plato, Sophist, 241d, 257b–c, 258b–259b; also demonstrated in the Parmenides, 160d–e, 162a. 55–59). “IS NOT’s” lack of sēmata absolves Parmenides of self-contradiction. ” 41 Contra Cornford, for whom the Second Part is a refutation of Eleaticism (Plato and Parmenides, 106, 110, 115 passim).

72 68 More detailed investigations and proofs are reserved for my forthcoming book, Plato’s Eleatic Project. 69 As the Sophist attests. 70 See Palmer, Plato’s Reception of Parmenides, 16. 71 Cf. ” 72 Taylor (The Parmenides of Plato, 5) contends that Plato had the text of Zeno’s work before him when he wrote the Parmenides, particularly its Second Part. 73 Noteworthy also are Gorgias’ writings on Uncertainty, Opinion, and Persuasion. In addition, there are echoes in the Parmenides of Protagorean skepticism and relativism, and their detrimental effects upon thinking and speaking.

Plato, Symposium, 211a–b; Timaeus, 51c–d. 83 As the subject is broadened by the dialogue’s Parmenides to include other Forms, the ensuing back-andforth discussion with Socrates aims to emphasize in the strongest way the “itself by itself” distinction. It is treated like a state entirely different from the state of being shared.

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