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Food Wine

By Robert Irvin Curtis

ISBN-10: 9004096817

ISBN-13: 9789004096813

This article discusses concepts in foodstuff processing and upkeep from the palaeolithic interval via to the past due Roman Empire. It considers the indispensable position nutrition know-how performed within the political, monetary, and social cloth of historic society.

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Sapiens sapiens, ultimately derived from early African hominids, particularly A. 18 mya. T h e first hominid clearly in direct line to modern m a n was H. 5 mya at a time coincident with significant climatic change a n d the invention of stone tools. Specific anatomic evolutions that set Homo on a fast track to development included increased cranial capacity, changes in size of teeth and in j a w structure, placement of the t h u m b on the h a n d and acquisition of the capability for A g u i r r e a n d A n t o n i o Rosas, "Fossil M a n f r o m C u e v a M a y o r , Ibeas, S p a i n : N e w Findings a n d T a x o n o m i c Discussion," in Hominid Evolution, p p .

Ellis, " E v i d e n c e for D i e t a r y Specialization in the ' R o b u s t ' Australopithecines," in Fossil Man. New Facts — New Idea. V l a d i m i r V. N o v o t n y a n d A l c n a M i z e r o v a , eds. (Brno: A n t h r o p o s I n s t i t u t e - M o r a v i a n M u s e u m , 1986), p p . 1 0 2 - 0 3 . 5 T i m 1). W h i t e , G e n S u w a , a n d B e r h a n e Asfaw, "Australopithecus ramidus, a N e w Species of Early H o m i n i d f r o m A r a m i s , E t h i o p i a , " Nature 371 (22 Sept.

7 m y a h a v e recently b e e n p u t f o r w a r d , a n d a n early / / . erectus m o v e m e n t ca. 6 to J a v a a n d to D m a n i s i , G e o r g i a finds a p p r o v a l with others. T h e dates, h o w e v er, a r e highly controversial. G ü n t e r B r ä u e r a n d M i c h a e l Schultz, " T h e M o r p h o l o g i c a l Affinities of the Plio-Pleistocene M a n d i b l e f r o m D m a n i s i , G e o r g i a , " JHumEvol 30 (1996): 4 4 5 - 8 1 ; A n n Gibbons, "Rewriting — and Redating P r e h i s t o r y , " Science 2 6 3 (25 F e b .

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