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By David M. Rothwell

ISBN-10: 0077074823

ISBN-13: 9780077074821

This publication is a practical textual content designed to permit the reader to take advantage of the database INGRES, with the minimal volume of attempt. It presents the basic origin for turning into both a professional consumer of the approach or studying database layout. Combining a realistic method with a theoretical figuring out, this article permits the reader to turn into trained in INGRES and to appreciate what positive aspects are getting used and why.

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In that case we can expect the operator SID, when it is invoked, to check that the given string conforms to this ruleand raise an error if it doesn't. That is one good reason why type SID might be chosen in preference to type CHAR for student identifiers. By the way, you can think of the literal 'S1' as “selecting” a CHAR value. Every CHAR value can be denoted by a sequence of characters enclosed in quotes, and every sequence of characters enclosed in quotes does denote a CHAR value; so this syntax for literals does satisfy the requirements for being a selector.

Consider again the invocation SID('S1'), a literal of type SID. Recall that SID is an operator that, when invoked with a suitable character string, returns a value of type SID; also that every value of type SID can be denoted by some invocation of the operator SID. I have explained that we call such an operator a selector (for values of the type in question). The parameters of a selector correspond to components of what we call a possible representation (possrep for short). I will explain why we use the word “possible” here in just a moment.

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