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Two significant issues result from this situation: 1. Boost pumps are typically oversized for the cruise flight condition where engine speeds are high and hence pump rotational speeds are high. 2. Power factors are much lower than for constant frequency power systems. Both of the above features impose a weight penalty. Pumps become heavier to accommodate the specified performance at low frequencies and more current is required to deliver the required power. 2 Identification and Mitigation of Safety Risks The initial concept phase must also focus on the identification, prioritization and mitigation of system safety risks.

In the past decade or so the industry has seen a major shift in the responsibility and role played by the typical equipment supplier who is today expected to be ‘Systems smart’ with the ability to contribute to the functional requirements definition of its products from an aircraft system perspective. In fuel system applications this issue is particularly important because of the complexities of many modern applications where there are a large number of significant functional interactions with other aircraft systems including: • • • • • • • • • ground refuel station flight management system power management system flight warning and advisory system display management system central maintenance computer propulsion system tank inerting system on-board maintenance system.

2 Photograph of a typical integral wing tank (courtesy of Airbus). Also shown in the photograph are the bonding straps across all of the pipe connectors which are critical features that are necessary to prevent arcing resulting from the large currents that can flow through piping following a lightning strike. This is discussed in more detail in Chapter 9. Ribs and stringers within the integral tank structure must allow fuel and air migration within the fuel tank boundary and inertia loads resulting from fuel slosh during aircraft acceleration must be accommodated by this structure.

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