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By John F. Grabowski

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Some cotton farmers wanted to expand to the West. Northerners did not want slavery in these new territories. The Missouri Compromise of 1820 banned slavery in the territories of Kansas and Nebraska. In 1854, Congress passed the 33 34 ABRAHAM LINCOLN Kansas-Nebraska Act. This act was introduced by Illinois Senator Stephen Douglas. It said that these territories should be allowed to decide the slavery issue for themselves. Abe was shocked. If slavery were allowed to expand, it would be harder to put an end to it.

M Davis was inaugurated ost pictures of Abe show him with a beard. He did not have one on February 18. He had not really wanted the until 1860. Shortly before the office, but he accepted it election, he received a letter because his fellow South- from a young girl named Grace erners wanted him to do Bedell. In her letter, Grace so. Davis strongly believed suggested that the cleanshaven Abe grow a beard. “All in the Southern way of life the ladies like whiskers,” she and slavery was a very wrote, “and they would tease important part of it.

But one person did the fort it would be seen die just after the battle. During as a sign of weakness. To the surrender ceremony, a 50- do otherwise might bring gun salute was delivered. As the guns were being reloaded for the last time, a spark touched on a war. After much thought, Abe decided to off an early explosion. Daniel send supply ships to the Hough, a Union private, was fort. He would not allow killed in the blast. Hot ashes from the federal government the explosion fell on the ammunition that was stacked below.

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