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But how are such planets to be found? 1 The Recently Discovered Planets Stars and planets exhibit a continuous range of sizes and a precise classification is a matter of definition. In astronomy, stars are defined as bodies which, at one time in their lives, show regular nuclear fusion of hydrogen to helium in their core. This definition clearly distinguishes stars from planets, where the core temperatures never reach high enough values for such fusion processes. But it also eliminates substellar objects such as brown dwarfs, a class of low-mass objects which are neither stars nor planets.

Incidentally, the method of direct observation of planets would also permit analysis of their atmospheres. 7–100 µm spectrum of terrestrial planets, one would be able to directly detect the existence of life (see Fig. 12). However, at the present time not a single planet has been found by employing the direct method. 1 were found by the method of observing radial velocity variations. When a planet orbits around its parent star, the two bodies do not stay fixed, but instead orbit around a common center of mass (see Fig.

While these disks do not form planets, their presence nevertheless proves that planet-type bodies (asteroids and comets) had been produced during 46 3 The Search for Extrasolar Planets the original star formation process, which strengthens the theoretical picture that planetary systems are the natural byproduct of star formation. 5 New Search Strategies In order to greatly increase the number of detected planets, a whole series of new imaginative instruments are being developed and put to work.

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