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Qz . (3) The measured re ectivity proÿle has to be scaled with the interpolated RS (qz ) to obtain the di use integrated re ectivity proÿle, ID vs. qz . (4) Finally, re ectivity calculated using standard schemes, as explained earlier, is ÿtted to the di use integrated re ectivity data. K. K. Sanyal / Physics Reports 363 (2002) 1 – 84 43 7. Growth and morphology of surfaces and interfaces In nature, one comes across surfaces and interfaces of diverse physical systems with di erent types of morphology.

Several schemes have been put forward to circumvent the phase problem, as was referred earlier, and here we will discuss two of these schemes. The ÿrst scheme is called the reference layer method developed over the years and applied to neutron re ectivity measurements [128,129]. The scheme is useful for extraction of the complex re ectance and phase of the scattering amplitude from an unknown system by adding to the system a ferromagnetic layer with known scattering length density. Then by using an external magnetic ÿeld three independent neutron re ectivity measurements, can be made with known scattering length densities (of the ferromagnetic layer).

The scheme is useful for extracting small variations about a known scattering density which often prove to be quite useful for various applications. 3. Extraction of compositional proÿles of near-ideal multilayer thin ÿlms: a scheme based on Born approximation Advent of excellent growth techniques [10,11,132] has enabled us to deposit multilayered thin ÿlms especially of epitaxial semiconductor systems almost according to the designed parameters, viz. thicknesses with atomic monolayer precision and uniform composition over each layer.

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