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By Paul Ricoeur

ISBN-10: 2711616746

ISBN-13: 9782711616749

Textual content IN FRENCH.

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6). One weakness of the WM model is that least is known about the most important component, namely the central executive (Hampson & Morris, 1996). It can apparently carry out an enormous variety of processing activities in different conditions. This makes it difficult to describe its precise function, and the idea of a single central executive might be as inappropriate as that of a unitary STM (Eysenck, 1986). 6 Working memory and learning to read One of the most striking features of children with specific problems in learning to read (despite normal intelligence and a supportive family) is their impaired memory span (Gathercole & Baddeley, 1990).

Paired-associates recall: In this, participants are required to learn a list of paired items (such as 'chair' and 'elephant'). g. 'chair') is re-presented, the participant must recall the paired word ('elephant'). Availability, accessibility and forgetting Registration is a necessary condition for storage. However, it is not sufficient (since not everything which registers on the senses is stored). Similarly, storage is a necessary but not sufficient condition for retrieval. So, we can only recover information that has been stored, but the fact that something has been stored is no guarantee that it will be remembered on any particular occasion.

However, STM's capacity can be enlarged if separate items of information are combined to form a larger piece (or smaller chunks combined to form a larger one). For example, the sequence 246813579 can be 'chunked' by applying a rule concerning odd and even numbers. Therefore, the amount that can be held in STM depends on the rules used to organise the information. For Miller, the capacity of STM is seven plus or minus two chunks, rather than individual pieces of information. 3 Miller and the concept of chunking According to Miller, chunking is central to human thought.

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