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By Desmond Seward

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For over 100 years England time and again invaded France at the pretext that her kings had a correct to the French throne. France was once a wide, unwieldy nation, England was once small and bad, yet for the main half she ruled the warfare, sacking cities and castles and profitable battles - together with such wonderful victories as Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt, yet then the English run of good fortune started to fail, and in 4 brief years she misplaced Normandy and eventually her final stronghold in Guyenne. The protagonists of the Hundred 12 months warfare are one of the such a lot vibrant in ecu background: for the English, Edward III, the Black Prince and Henry V, later immortalized by way of Shakespeare; for the French, the fantastic yet inept John II, who died a prisoner in London, Charles V, who very approximately overcame England and the enigmatic Charles VII, who did eventually force the English out. Desmond Seward's account strains the alterations that resulted in France's ultimate victory and brings to lifestyles all of the intrigue and color of the final chivalric combats as they gave method to a extra brutal glossy struggle

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Conical helmets with nasals and worn over mail coifs were widely used by 10th to 12th-century guardsmen, and one has been found on the Drastar battlefield. g. the 10th-century example from Yasenovo. Folio 26v A in the Scylitzès MS shows some Varangian guardsmen with a type that may be linked to the Late Roman ridge-helmets, whose use by the Guard is also attested by frescoes in the cathedral of St Sophia in Kiev representing Vladimir and his retinue. The helmet is seen in two different versions.

H4: Cretan guardsman The warrior is copied from an icon of the Cretan school, in the church of Megali Panaghia, Patmos; details are supplied by two other icons showing similar armour. Note the cuir-bouilli upper arm defences and decorated leather corselet worn over a long-sleeved mail hauberk; although it is akin to the Eastern Roman tradition, Prof Babuin has interpreted this as of Italian origin. These items of equipment are therefore an accurate representation of the appearance of mercenary troops in service during the last decades of the Empire – and especially of those Cretans who, notwithstanding Venetian rule, felt it their duty to loyally serve the holy Emperor of Constantinople.

A long mail shirt (hauberk) was widely used. 5kg). In Flateyiarbòk (III, 418) and in the Ljòsvetninga Saga (104) it is said that Harald Sigurdson wore a ‘Roman’ armour, called Emma, which protected him down to the calves. This shows that Varangians were equipped with Byzantine armours, and that their commanders would sometimes have adopted the distinctive military garb of Byzantine officers. Armour was very often used in combination with the so-called Varangian Bra, a leather harness consisting of a breast-and-back strap connected by straps passing over each shoulder; this Eastern Roman device is seen in many Byzantine pictorial sources.

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