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Military History

By W. H. B. Smith

;A simple handbook of army Small fingers КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: A simple handbook of army Small fingers Автор: W.H.B.Smith Издательство:Military carrier Publishing Год: 1943 Язык: english Страниц: 218 Формат: pdf Размер: 60,65(+3%)mbОсновные руководства по армейскому стрелковому оружию, американскому, британскому, русскому, германскому, итальянскому, японскому и других стран. Скачатьifolderзеркало zero

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153–4; Bunyan, op. ,p. 54; J. A. White, The Siberian Intervention, Princeton, 1950, pp. 215—16, 20. 16 Winston Churchill, The World Crisis: The Aftermath, New York, Scribners, 1931, pp. 246–50; London, Butterworth, 1929. 17 Chamberlin, op. , Vol. II, p. 170. 24 ENEMIES AND ALLIES posts their old vices, the old incompetence, laziness and self assurance”; by unending quarrels, jealousies and disputes; by “orgies among officers, many high in power,” which had been followed by drunkenness, debauchery and 18 corruption among the mass.

A writer who was in the monarchist camp during the civil war wrote of one of the later mobilizations that the first and second class reservists had already gone, men over forty, many gray bearded. When still another call came “a groan went up from the villages. Excitement rose ominously. Everywhere new, audacious words were heard. t p. 458. Chernov, op. , pp. 158–9. , p. 161. 18 William Henry Chamberlin, The Russian Revolution, 1917–1921, Vol. I, New York, Macmillan, 1935, pp. 223, 236. 19 Nazhivin in his Notes on the Revolution, quoted in Chernov, op.

In South Russia the intervention of France was still more inglorious. The French government sent 140,000 men 11 to the Odessa region and the Crimea, in an effort to recover some part of the great sums by means of which they had bolstered the Tsarist regime for more than twenty years. ” It transpired, however, that the French troops which had survived Verdun and the Marne had no desire to die in Russia. Bolshevik propaganda made great headway among them, and no White military strength was in evidence.

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