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Only gravitational energy is transferred into the weight, and the amount of gravitational energy is mgd, which equals F d. By conservation of energy, this must also be the amount of energy lost from the 8 “Black box” is a traditional engineering term for a device whose inner workings we don’t care about. 9 Now what if we use the black box to pull a plow? The energy increase in the outside world is of a different type than before: mainly heat created by friction between the dirt and the ploughshare.

Circular motion Figure o shows how to apply the memory-of-motion idea to circular motion. It should convince you that only an inward force is needed to produce circular motion. One of the reasons Newton was the first to make any progress in analyzing the motion of the planets around the sun was that his contemporaries were confused on this point. Most of them thought that in addition to an attraction from the sun, a second, forward force must exist on the planets, to keep them from slowing down.

In this frame, both balls have the same initial speed. Since they start out with the same speed, and they have the same mass, there’s no reason for them to behave differently from each other after the collision. By symmetry, if the light ball feels a certain effect from the dark ball, the dark ball must feel the same effect from the light ball. 44 Chapter 2 Conservation of Momentum This is exactly like the rules of accounting. Let’s say two big corporations are doing business with each other. If Glutcorp pays a million dollars to Slushco, two things happen: Glutcorp’s bank account goes down by a million dollars, and Slushco’s rises by the same amount.

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